Stroke Investigative Research & Educational Network (SIREN)

Principal Investigator: Mayowa Owolabi 
OvbiageleBruce-H3APrincipal Investigator: Bruce Ovbiagele

Institute: University of Ibadan, Nigeria and Medical University of South Carolina, U.S.A.

Lay Description: Stroke is the leading cause of neurological hospital admissions and a leading cause of deaths in Africa. Indeed, with an estimated stroke incidence of up to 315/100,000 population, about 6 Africans develop stroke every minute. Up to 3.2 million Africans develop first-incident stroke every year. Moreover, the burden (death and disability) of stroke in Africa is likely to increase substantially over the next few decades due to the ongoing epidemiological transition from the current dominance by infectious conditions and poverty-related diseases. Further compounding this burgeoning pandemic, strokes disproportionally afflict young and middle-aged adults, a vital segment of the population needed to power economic growth in Africa.

Given all of the aforementioned, it is increasingly becoming clear to policy makers and providers in Africa that identifying ways to mitigate the projected rising public health burden of stroke must be a major public health priority. To tame the escalating burden of stroke in Africa, a proper understanding of the risk factors for stroke is essential for formulating preventive strategies. These are critical elements of the stroke quadrangle (research and surveillance network, prevention, acute care services, rehabilitation). The SIREN projects will culminate a better understanding of the genetic and environmental contributions to stroke. It will contribute to the development of capacity for cutting edge genomic research in Africa.