Dr Jenniffer Maroa

Human Heredity and Health (H3Africa) Programme Manager

Dr Jenniffer Mabuka is the Programmme Manager for the Human Hereditary and Health in Africa (H3Africa) programme at The AAS. She is responsible for the development and management of the H3Africa portfolio of activities and investments.

Prior to joining The AAS, Mabuka spent 16 years doing HIV-1 basic science research. Her research broadly focused on understanding host innate and immune factors that modulate HIV-1 transmission and pathogenesis. She investigated host immune responses in mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 with a focus on breast milk transmission and explored antibody evolution in natural HIV-1 infection with the goal of informing antibody-based vaccine design. Mabuka has published four publications as first author and has contributed to 24 others, each with over 300 citations. She is currently a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle and a 2018 Aspen New Voices Fellow.

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