The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS) is a non-aligned, non-political, not-for-profit pan African organisation whose vision is to see transformed lives on the African continent through science.

The AAS’s tripartite mandate is recognising excellence through The AAS’ highly prestigious fellowship, Affiliates and award schemes, providing advisory and think tank functions for shaping Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) strategies and policies and is implementing key Science, Technology and Innovation programmes addressing Africa’s developmental challenges through the agenda setting and funding platform, the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA). AESA is an initiative of The AAS and the African Union Development Agency (formerly the NEPAD Agency).

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A Grand Challenges Africa Funding Opportunity: Data science approaches to improve maternal, neonatal and child health in Africa_­Deadline: 26 April 2019, 17:00 EAT/20:00 GMT

Globally, there is an ongoing burden of 5.4 million deaths annually, that includes neonatal deaths (2.5 million), stillbirths (2.6 million), and maternal deaths (0.3 million).  Africa, with only 17% of the world’s population, carries nearly half of this burden with 2.3 million deaths per year.  Based on current trends, most African countries may possibly not meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ target of 12 or fewer neonatal deaths per 1,000 live births and are also at risk of missing targets for maternal mortality reduction.