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Meeting Overview

3rd October H3Africa working group meetings (Radisson Blu hotel)

4th October H3Africa Consortium meeting (Radisson Blu hotel)

5th October H3Africa Project presentations *Open session (Radisson Blu hotel)
Primary investigators from all H3Africa grants will present their projects and recent progresses on the third day of the Consortium meeting. The session is intended to provide the scientific community an overview of the funded projects by H3African scientists.

6th October African Genome variation session *Open session, half day (Maslow Hotel)
Genetic variation is higher in Africa than anywhere else in the world and is a particularly significant factor in genomic studies in Africa. As part of its development of genomic research in Africa, the H3Africa Consortium will host a session on “Strategies for Effective Study of Genetic Variation in Africa” in Johannesburg, South Africa on October 6, 2013. The sessionis intended to provide a platform for discussions on studying genetic variation in Africa, and will be open to anyone in the scientific community interested in the topic. The meeting will focus on: 1) Current state of knowledge of genomic variation across Africa; 2) The best tools to effectively capture such variation for genetic association studies (including GWAS); 3) Provision of the H3Africa Consortium with input from the broader scientific community and industry partners; 4) How H3Africa can advance knowledge of genome variation across Africa.