Terms of reference for the Publications and Marker Paper Working Group


This working group is charged initially with writing an H3Africa Marker Paper and in the longer term developing a Consortium publications policy, to provide guidance for the use of H3Africa data in publications authored by the H3Africa Consortium as an entity, individual Consortium members, and investigators outside of the H3Africa Consortium.

  • Marker paper: The H3Africa Steering Committee, at its October 2012 meeting, agreed that writing an H3Africa Marker Paper manuscript is a high priority and should be completed and published in a high-profile journal within the year. A Marker Paper is a consortium’s initial publication describing the vision, goals, current make-up and policies of the Consortium.
  • Other activities of the Publication WG are developing:
    • Guidelines for use of released H3Africa data by the international community
    • Policies regarding authorship (consortium vs. individual publications)
    • Coordination guidelines for publications where appropriate