Ethics and Regulatory Issues Working Group

Terms of Reference

This working group will discuss and, where appropriate, develop recommendations on ethical and regulatory issues that Consortium members may face in their research. It is important to note that the protocols and communities for each study are different, and therefore that such recommendations may not be appropriate for all studies. The issues that were raised by the Steering Committee for discussion by the working group include:

  • Community engagement strategies
  • Consent that will be aligned with the H3Africa vision
  • Intellectual property topics related to data and sample sharing
  • Return of results
  • Cultural issues
  • Participant safety
  • National policies on ethics and regulatory issues
  • Examine material transfer agreements collected by the Biorepository working group


Minutes and Meeting Documents

2013 Meetings

2014 Meetings

2015 Meetings

2016 Meetings

Finalized Documents

H3Africa Guidelines for Informed Consent

H3Africa Guidelines for Community Engagement

Proceedings of the H3Africa Ethics Consultation Meeting 2 June 2014

Framework for African genomics and biobanking February 2017

H3Africa Ethics Working Group TORs
H3Africa Ethics orking Group Authorship policy23 February 2017

Working Documents

There is currently no working document