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$38 Million Project Targets African Populations for New Insights into Genes, Environment and Health,
June 23, 2010
NIH and Wellcome Trust Announce H3Africa Initiative
June 28, 2010

H3Africa, a Refreshing Ethical Research Endeavor in Africa

In the realm of biomedical ethics, there is certainly no shortage of topics to be discussed. It is true that we could converse, debate, and conclude until we were blue in the face. In many instances, certainly in the United States, domestic issues abound such that conversation less often wanders to issues beyond our borders. Faced with controversy over stem cell research funding, gene patents, and the like, we must not become so absorbed in our own debates that we fail to acknowledge and address the ethical concerns arising from research on foreign soil. So let’s take a moment and turn our eyes towards the African continent.

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