Independent Expert Committee

The members of the Independent Expert Committee (IEC) of H3Africa are international experts, who are actively working in a variety of relevant fields. These include: genomics; population genetics; genetic epidemiology; bioethics; infectious diseases and global health.

These individuals are not directly participating in, nor otherwise associated with, any of the H3Africa projects. Nor do they advise particular research groups.  Rather, the committee is responsible for providing scientific input to the funding agency staff who oversee the whole program to ensure that H3Africa remains on track toward achieving its high-level goals of empowering African scientists, establishing research networks across the continent and building research capacity in Africa. In effect, the IEC provides a form of on-going peer review of the program.

The IEC meets quarterly and members attend Consortium meetings to interact with the H3Africa scientists and to get first-hand experience as the bases on which they evaluate the progress of the H3Africa Consortium, provide guidance and advice, and make recommendations to the funding agencies (National Institutes of Health and Wellcome Trust).