Introduction to developing an effective Data Management Plan (DMP), 21-22 September 2020 Primary tabs

This is an introductory workshop to data management plan aiming to help MSc- , PhD students, Post-doctoral H3A data managers and early career researchers understand the DM process and how to write a good DMP to apply for grants and/or to organize their projects data. This workshop will also briefly cover other aspects related to data management such as the process of making data FAIR and ethical aspects related to data sharing.
The workshop to take place 21-22 Sept 2020 for approx 2 hours each day


    • Introductory Python based Software Carpentry Workshop limitations:
    • The workshop is set for two days. This course will teach the foundations of Python programming Linux and Git.
    • Prerequisites: The participants must have their own laptop and install software below before the workshop: Python 3, Numpy and Pandas Python package, Git and Jupyter Notebook

    • ACEGID Foundational Training Workshop in Molecular Biology and GenomicsThe Foundational Training Workshop in Genomics is a full-immersion residential program designed for top-performing West African graduate and postdoctoral students, faculty members and laboratory technicians. The two-month training offers a curriculum of best practices and laboratory techniques, reinforced by intensive coursework in molecular biology, genetics, and genomics theory to support their professional development toward becoming independent scientists.

      1st WASLITBRe Postgraduate Bioinformatics Workshop WASLITBRe is proud to announce her first Postgraduate Bioinformatics Workshop. This 6-week long workshop with an examination at the end side of each course is aimed at exposing our grants funded MSc and PhD students to the state-of-the-art training in bioinformatics and data science. The participants total is pegged to 20 to ensure we have the best classroom atmosphere for our trainees to learn. This workshop is the first of the 2 workshops planned for this year. See the table here for the courses to be covered in the 2 workshops, the first holding at Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria and the second to hold at KNUST, Ghana.

      H3Africa Microbiome Analysis Workshop 26-29 April 2016 The University of Cape Town, in collaboration with the J. Craig Venter Institute, USA will be hosting a practical workshop on microbiome analysis. This workshop is sponsored through the H3Africa, Human Heredity and Health Initiative.

      Workshops, Courses, Conferences, 2015 The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) and the Regional Student Groups in Africa (RSGs Africa) are organizing the ISCB-RSGs African Student Symposium to be held on Sunday, March 8th, 2015 on the marge of the ISCB Africa ASBCB Conference on Bioinformatics in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

      ICGEB Meetings and Courses 2015 Meetings and Courses to be held in 2015 at the ICGEB Components and in selected Member States are published on this page. For further information on each individual event, including terms of participation, refer to the relevant contact provided.

      55th Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics July 20-August 1, 2014, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA Courses are designed to impart knowledge through intensive lectures, hands-on training and informal interactions. Workshops offer extensive hands-on training, teaching participants how to perform specific techniques, interspersed with lectures or seminars. You can search by topic and format here below.

More Training Resources

The Global Health Network

Offers, among other things, free certificated online training courses on issues related to research trials, translated into 20 languages, and a professional membership scheme for laboratory staff.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s

Office of Public Health Genomics (OPHG) conducts and supports workshops, courses, and other training activities in public health genomics, family history, and human genome epidemiology.

Training opportunities for Grants Administrators

Financial management for international collaborative initiatives is a complex

The Sub-Saharan African Medical Schools Study

Is portal for information on medical education in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our webinar series is a freely accessible collection of live seminars focused on EMBL-EBI resources.

Sickle Cell Disease Ontology Project

The Sickle Cell Disease Ontology (SCDO) project is a collaboration between H3ABioNet


Our on-site courses develop practical skills and knowledge. They are led by EMBL-EBI experts, often in collaboration with experts from other centres

Goblet Training

This portal allows you to browse our course pages and training materials, to download content of interest and/or to upload course pages and training materials.


How do we sequence and compare genomes? How do we identify the genetic basis for disease? How do we construct an evolutionary Tree of Life for all species on Earth?


ERuDIte is the educational resource discovery index that powers the BD2K Training Coordinating Center (TCC) Web Portal. ERuDIte not only serves as a resource collector and aggregator but also

Research Professional Africa

Research Professional Africa is a platform that allows access to the latest global coverage of Research Funding Programmes as well as Science and Technology news

TeachEnG (pronounced “teaching”), a Teaching Engine for Genomics, provides educational games to help students and researchers understand key bioinformatics concepts

Technique : A sequencing method for mapping the locations of chosen DNA-binding proteins, such as transcription factors (TFs) and histones with epigenetic modifications.

The Fellows Program aims to give early-career scientists from underrepresented (UR) and other disadvantaged backgrounds the support and skills they need to successfully pursue leadership and skills

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

an international, nonprofit alliance formed in 2013 to accelerate the potential of research and medicine to advance human health.


Ensembl is a genome browser for vertebrate genomes that supports research in comparative genomics, evolution, sequence variation and


Learn 100% online with world class universities and industry experts. Develop hobbies, new skills and career-changing expertise with our flexible courses.

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