Working Groups

Steering Commitee

On this page, you will find the list of members of the Steering Committee, links to the minutes of their meetings and other documentation about the establishment of the Steering Committee and its purpose and function.

Working Group

Community Engagement Working Group

The H3Africa Consortium has identified community engagement (CE) as one of the key issues that need to be addressed to support the successful implementation of genomic studies in

Biorepository Users

The Biorepositories users working group (WG) was developed as a way to facilitate the exchange of biobanking information and best practices across the Consortium.

Genome Analysis Working Group

Standardization and harmonization of genomic data with respect to analysis platforms; imputation; data cleaning and quality control

Ethics and Regulatory Issues

This working group will discuss and, where appropriate, develop recommendations on ethical and regulatory issues that Consortium

Outreach and Communications

This working  group’s goal will be to advocate for H3Africa.

Phenotype Harmonization Working Group

Identify common phenotypes across the consortium. Develop phenotyping standard terms where possible.

Education and Coordinated Training Working Group

Our terms of reference

Publications and Marker Paper Working Group

This working group is charged initially with writing an H3Africa Marker Paper and in the longer term developing a Consortium publications policy

Study Coordinators

Facilitate inter-project discussions optimizing grant function. Review draft policy documents and provide practical feedback. Aid and advise launching of new sites

Ethics and Community Engagement

The H3Africa Consortium has identified community engagement (CE) as one of the key issues that need to be addressed to support the successful implementation of

Cardio-Vascular Diseases

To publish the proceedings of the first-of-its-kind H3Africa Cardiovascular Diseases Workshop in a high impact journal thereby launching the activities of the Team into global limelight.


Terms of reference


The H3Africa Fellows Club was a self-initiated group which is supported by the H3Africa Education and Coordinated Training Working Group

Environmental Health

Terms of reference

Data Sharing, Access and Release Working Group (currently retired) Data Support Working Group

The aim of the Data Sharing, Access and Release WG was to develop an H3Africa policy for data release. When the policy development was complete

Genome Analyses Sub Group

Lead manuscript development and oversee publications strategy for the Genome Analysis WG. Conceive and implement cross-consortium genome-wide analyses. Shepherd consortium-wide genomics projects through to a final

HIV & AIDS Working Group

While, the African continent bears a disproportionate burden of HIV infection and disease, most of these studies were done in cohorts from the US and Europe. Very few genomics based research studies have been performed within African populations.

Rare Disease Working Group

Harmonization in anticipation of a consortium-wide evaluation. Patient Diagnosis and Care.

Sustainability Working Group

Establish a path to allow H3Africa to become an African “institution”. Focus of genomics research in Africa = THE place

Mental Health Working Group

Terms of reference

Microbiome Working Group