Dr. Sékou F. Traoré

Chair, CD Working Group


Sékou F. Traoré, Ph.D., is a member of the Department of Fundamental Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine Pharmacy and Dentistry, University of Mali. He also is director of the Malaria Research and Training Center Entomology/ Mali ICER (International Center for Excellence in Research). He is a specialist in entomology and control of vector-borne diseases in developing countries and has worked extensively in Mali and in other countries in Africa.
Dr. Traoré’s current research involves field and laboratory studies on malaria, leishmaniasis, filariasis and recurrent tick-born fevers. Additional research lines involve interdisciplinary studies on vector-borne diseases in both urban and rural environments, development and field-testing improved methods for malaria vector control.
Dr. Traoré’s received his Ph.D. in medical entomology from the Institut Superieur en Recherche Appliquée in Bamako, Mali.

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