Dr. Carlos Bustamante

 Professor of Genetics and Biology at Stanford University


Carlos D. Bustamante, Ph.D., is a Professor of Genetics and Biology at Stanford University. He is also Co-Director of the Stanford Center for Computational, Evolutionary and Human Genomics (CEHG), whose mission is to coordinate and enhance analyses of very large datasets—genomic and environmental—from a potentially wide range of organisms.Dr. Bustamante’s research focuses on analyzing genome-wide patterns of variation within and between species to address fundamental questions in biology, anthropology, and medicine. His current interests include developing statistical, computational, and genomic resources for enabling trans- and multi-ethnic genome-wide association and medical sequencing studies of complex biomedical traits.Dr. Bustamante holds a Ph.D. in Biology, an A.M. in Statistics, and an A.B. in Biology from Harvard University.

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