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There is a need in Africa to increase the number of qualified bioinformatics graduates and to ensure that the content and quality of their training is appropriate. It is equally important to create research opportunities and financial support for promising newly-graduated students to retain them in Africa, as well as to attract Africans studying abroad back to the continent.

Following the brief introduction at the ICOPHAI 2013, The Ohio State Office of Distance Education and e-Learning and the ICOPHAI Global Consortium are happy to announce a FREE online course on Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases taught by global experts.

The course offers more than 190 lecture videos, software demonstrations and applied lecture materials from U.S., Africa, Latin America and European academic and industry partners. The course can be accessed here:

Join the global community and learn how to use molecular tools to address population medicine issues at the human, animal and ecosystem interface.

For those seeking a formal course credit, you will need to register and pay for the course- see Ohio State’s Graduate School website for further information:


2016 (Dates to be announced)
  • Manuscript Writing
  • Study Coordinators
  • Proteomics 4-9 October 2015 (Open)
  • Manuscript Writing 11 October 2015 (Internal)
  • Genome Analysis Workshop 11 october 2015 (Internal)
  • Genome Analysis 2 June 2014
  • Data Quality Control and Validation 3-6 June 2014