H3Africa Publications for 2020

  1. The Determinants of the Human Milk Metabolome and Its Role in Infant Health. – PMID: 32093351
  2. Current Affairs of Microbial Genome-Wide Association Studies: Approaches, Bottlenecks and Analytical Pitfalls.  – PMC7002396
  3. MECP2 duplication syndrome in a patient from Cameroon.  – PMID: 32052928
  4. Brain microRNAs associated with late-life depressive symptoms are also associated with cognitive trajectory and dementia.  – PMID: 32047652
  5. Integrated Computational Approaches and Tools forAllosteric Drug Discovery.  – PMID: 32013012
  6. Cascade Testing for Fragile X Syndrome in a Rural Setting in Cameroon (Sub-Saharan Africa). – PMID: 32012997
  7. A novel variant in the spatacsin gene causing SPG11 in a Malian family. – PMID: 32007754
  8. Genetics of schizophrenia in the South African Xhosa.  – PMID: 32001654
  9. Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms with dyslipidemia in antiretroviral exposed HIV patients in a Ghanaian population: A case-control study.  – PMID: 31929604
  10. The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2 – PMID: 32284615
  11. Hemopexin deficiency promotes acute kidney injury in sickle cell disease – PMID: 32043112
  12. Screen technical noise in single cell RNA sequencing data – PMID: 30802598
  13. Quadrivalent VesiculoVax vaccine protects nonhuman primates from viral-induced hemorrhagic fever and death – PMID: 31820871
  14. Genetic associations between serum low LDL-cholesterol levels and variants in LDLR, APOB, PCSK9 and LDLRAP1 in African populations – PMID: 32084179
  15. Hinge length contributes to the phagocytic activity of HIV-specific IgG1 and IgG3 antibodies – PMID: 32092122
  16. Regional Patterns and Association Between Obesity and Hypertension in Africa: Evidence From the H3Africa CHAIR Study – PMID: 32172619
  17. H3Africa partnerships to empower clinical research sites to generate high-quality biological samples – PMID: 32284923
  18. A review of clinical pharmacogenetics Studies in African populations – PMID: 32125935
  19. Health sector spending and spending on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, and development assistance for health: progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 3 – PMID: 32334655
  20. Neuropsychiatric and socio-cultural aspects in a Malian family with spinocerebellar ataxia – PMID: 32431322
  21. Real-time Metagenomic Analysis of Undiagnosed Fever Cases Unveils a Yellow Fever Outbreak in Edo State, Nigeria – PMID: 32081931
  22. Lived Experiences of Fragile X Syndrome Caregivers: A Scoping Review of Qualitative Studies – PMID: 32174884
  23. Clustering of asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum infection and the effectiveness of targeted malaria control measures – PMID: 31964378
  24. Shared proteomic effects of cerebral atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease on the human brain – PMID: 32424284
  25. Composition of Gut Microbiota of Children and Adolescents With Perinatal Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Taking Antiretroviral Therapy in Zimbabwe – PMID: 31549151
  26. Ten simple rules for providing effective bioinformatics research support – PMID: 32214318
  27. Building Skills and Resources for Genomics, Epigenetics, and Bioinformatics Research for Africa: Report of the Joint 11th Conference of the African Society of Human Genetics and 12th H3Africa Consortium, 2018 – PMID: 32207403
  28. Burden of post-traumatic stress disorder in postgenocide Rwandan population following exposure to 1994 genocide against the Tutsi: A meta-analysis – PMID: 32658827
  29. Returning incidental findings in African genomics research – PMID: 31768070
  30. OGRDB: a reference database of inferred immune receptor genes – PMID: 31566225
  31. A broad survey of DNA sequence data simulation tools – PMID: 31867604
  32. Copy number variation in human genomes from three major ethno-linguistic groups in Africa – PMID: 32272904
  33. Delivering blended bioinformatics training in resource-limited settings: a case study on the University of Khartoum H3ABioNet node – PMID: 30773584
  34. High Levels of Genetic Diversity within Nilo-Saharan Populations: Implications for Human Adaptation – PMID: 32781046
  35. Nrf2 deficiency in mice attenuates erythropoietic stress-related macrophage hypercellularity – PMID: 32151553
  36. The Influence of DNA Extraction and Lipid Removal on Human Milk Bacterial Profiles – PMID: 32429170
  37. The opportunity in African genome resource for precision medicine – PMID: 32268272
  38. Stigma in African genomics research: Gendered blame, polygamy, ancestry and disease causal beliefs impact on the risk of harm – PMID: 32521416
  39. Unraveling the risk factors for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage among West Africans – PMID: 32075893
  40. Longitudinal changes in the nasopharyngeal resistome of South African infants using shotgun metagenomic sequencing – PMID: 32320455
  41. Pragmatic Solutions for Stroke Recovery and Improved Quality of Life in Low- and Middle-Income Countries-A Systematic Review – PMID: 32695058
  42. Essential gene prediction in Drosophila melanogaster using machine learning approaches based on sequence and functional features – PMID: 32257045
  43. Association between DNA methylation levels in brain tissue and late-life depression in community-based participants – PMID: 32733030
  44. Prevalence and clinical correlates of substance use disorders in South African Xhosa patients with schizophrenia – PMID: 32797244
  45. Optimizing 16S rRNA gene profile analysis from low biomass nasopharyngeal and induced sputum specimens – PMID: 32397992
  46. Exploring how a genetic attribution to disease relates to stigma experiences of Xhosa patients with schizophrenia in South Africa – PMID: 32409883
  47. Association of MYH9-rs3752462 polymorphisms with chronic kidney disease among clinically diagnosed hypertensive patients: a case-control study in a Ghanaian population – PMID: 32765897
  48. Association between white matter hyperintensities and stroke in a West African patient population: Evidence from the Stroke Investigative Research and Educational Network study – PMID: 32276063
  49. Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms with dyslipidemia in antiretroviral exposed HIV patients in a Ghanaian population: A case-control study – PMID: 31929604
  50. Novel and Known Gene-Smoking Interactions With cIMT Identified as Potential Drivers for Atherosclerosis Risk in West-African Populations of the AWI-Gen Study – PMID: 32117412
  51. Patient-centric research in the time of COVID-19: conducting ethical COVID-19 research in Africa – PMID: 32764129
  52. Whole Genome Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2: Adapting Illumina Protocols for Quick and Accurate Outbreak Investigation during a Pandemic – PMID: 32824573
  53. Challenges of Genetic Data Sharing in African Studies – PMID: 32807514