Eighth H3Africa Consortium Meeting

VENUE: Radisson Blu Sea Plaza, Dakar, Senegal

Eighth H3Africa Consortium Meeting,

  Radisson Blu Hotel

Dakar, Senegal


 Thursday, 12th  May H3Africa Satellite Meetings

Third Ethics Consultation Meeting

Data Support Workshop

Publications Workshop

 Friday, 13th  May 2016
H3Africa PI Project Presentations


Saturday, 14th  May 2016

H3Africa Working Group Day


 Sunday, 15th  May 2016
H3Africa-African Society of Human Genetics Joint Day/Study Coordinators Training




Venue: OCEAN

Venue: MERMOZ 2

Venue: MERMOZ 1






Third Ethics Consultation Meeting

Conveners: Paulina Tindana & Katherine  Littler




Data Support Workshop

Convener: Nicky Mulder






Publications Workshop

Conveners: Beverly Purnell, Manjinder Sandhu & Stephen Morrissey























Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Meeting

Chair: Mayowa Owolabi


Genomics Curriculum

Conveners: Nicky Mulder, Victoria Nembaware & Raj Ramesar

7:00-8:45 Registration
8:45-9:00 Welcome & Introductions: Steering Committee Chairs-Michele Ramsay and Enock Matovu
9:00-9:30 Opening Address: Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Odontology of University Cheikh Anta Diop

Session 1 Chair: Ruth Chadwick



Title: Genomics, Ethics, Law & Society in Zimbabwe

Presenter: Alice Matimba

Project: Genomics Inheritance Legal and Social Issues

PI: Matimba

Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5 minutes



Title: Enhancing Ethiopian youths’ literacy about the gene x environment contributions to health using the context of Podoconiosis

Presenter: Kibur Engdawork

Project: Enhancing Ethiopian youths’ literacy about the gene x environment contributions to health using the context of Podoconiosis

PI: Tadele

Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5 minutes



Title: Indigenous linguistic and cultural concepts of heritability and comprehension of genomics research

Presenter: Elonna Obiefuna


PI: Adebamowo

 Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5 minutes


Tea/Poster Session (60 minutes)


Session 2 Chair: Kay Davies



Title: The RHDGen Project

Presenter: Mark Engel

Project:  RHDGen

PI: Mayosi

Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5 minutes



Title: A multi-centre study of the prevalence and environmental and genetic determinants of type 2 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa

Presenter: Kenneth Ekoru

Project: Burden, Spectrum and Aetiology of Type 2 Diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa

PI: Motala

Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5 minutes



Title: Neurogenetic Diseases: Case Presentation

Presenter: Guida Landoure

Project: Clinical and Genetic Studies of Hereditary Neurological Disorders in Mali

PI: Landoure

Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5 minutes


Group Photograph (Sea Garden)

Lunch (L’ Avenue Restaurant)/Poster Session


Session 3 Chair: Barry Bloom



Title: Systems Biology for Molecular Analysis of Tuberculosis in Ethiopia

Presenter: Gobena Ameni

Project:  Systems Biology for Molecular Analysis of Tuberculosis in Ethiopia

PI: Ameni

Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5minutes



Title: TB Genomics

Presenter: Dissou Affolabi

Project:  Contribution of Genetic Variation to Pharmacokinetic Variability and Toxicity in Patients Undergoing Multi-drug Tuberculosis Treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa (RAFAgene)

PI: Affolabi

Presentation: 15 minutes Q&A 5 minutes



Title: Phase II Update from the Biorepositories

Presenter: Elizabeth Mayne

Project PI’s: Abimiku; Joloba & Mayne

Presentation: 30 minutes Q&A 10 minutes



Tea/Poster Session  (40  minutes)

Session 4 Chair: Rex Chisholm



Title: H3ABioNet – Preparing for the Data Phase

Presenter: Nicola Mulder

Project: H3ABioNet

PI: Nicola Mulder

Presentation 20 minutes Q & A 10 minutes

16:00 -16:30


Title: Genome Analysis Working Group Update on the Custom Chip

Presenters: Adebowale Adeyemo & Zane Lombard

Presentation 20 minutes Q & A 10 minutes



H3Africa PI’s(Ocean Room)

Independent Expert Committee meeting(IEC) & Funders (Saint Exupery)

Study Coordinators  (Latecoere)
17:30-18:30 H3Africa PI’s & IEC (Ocean Room)
18:30-19:30 Social Hour (Sea Garden)
  1. Dinner  (Tente)

After Dinner Speaker: Independent Expert Dr. Frederick Nakwagala


Mermoz 2

Saint Exupery

Mermorz 1

Etienne Victor

Ocean Room


Ethics & Regulatory Issues
Jantina de Vries
Ebony Madden & Katherine Littler

Sustainability WG

Rapporteur: Mark Guyer


Genome Analysis WG
Chairs: Debo Adeyemo & Zane Lombard
Jennifer Troyer & Chris Darby

Biorepository PI WG 
Alash’le Abimiku
Louise Wideroff & Laura Skow

Study Coordinator WG

Chairs: Veronica Francis & Slee Mbhele Rapporteur

Robin Mason & Karen Lacourciere


HIV / AIDSRapporteur: Megan Hoffman




Tea/Coffee Break  


Chair: Nicola Mulder

Rapporteur: Audrey Duncanson


Community Engagement

Chair: Paulina Tindana Rapporteur: Katherine Littler & Ebony Madden

Genome Analysis Publications Sub group

Chair: Neil Hanchard

Rapporteur: Laura Skow


Study Coordinator WG

Chairs: Veronica Francis & Slee Mbhele Rapporteur

Robin Mason & Karen Lacourciere


Education Coordinated Training WG
Chairs: Sheryl McCurdy & Misaki Wayengera
Rapporteur: Maria Giovanni


Data Support WG

Chair: Nicky Mulder

Rapporteur: Sue Penno   

Phenotype Harmonization WG 

Chair: Alia Benkahla

 Rapporteur: Jeff Struewing


Cardiovascular Disease WG

Chair: Mayowa Owolabi

Rapporteur: Megan Hoffman


12:30-13:10 Lunch (L’ Avenue Restaurant) (40 minutes)  

Working Group Report Back Session

 Venue: Mermoz 1

  Session Chair: Dwomoa Adu  Presenter
13:10 – 14:00



Ethics Working Group

Community Engagement Working Group

Data Support Working Group         

Education & Coordinated training  Working Group

Biorepository PI Working Group

Data and Biospecimen Access Committee

Paulina Tindana

Paulina Tindana

Nicola Mulder

Misaki Wayengera

Alash’le Abimiku

Nicola Mulder

14:00 – 14:15 DISCUSSION  
  Session Chair: Charles Rotimi  
14:15 – 15:00 Genome Analysis Working Group  

Publications WG &

Genome Analysis Publications Sub Group Phenotype Harmonization Working Group

CVD Working Group         

HIV/AIDS Working Group

H3Africa Sustainability Working Group        

Adebowale Adeyemo

Michele Ramsay

Neil Hanchard

Mayowa Owolabi

Jennifer Troyer

Mark Guyer

15:00 – 15:15 Discussion & IEC Feedback
15:15 – 15:25 Tea/Coffee (10 minutes)



Session Chair: Frederick Nakwagala

15:25-16:00 Update from Illumina on the H3Africa Chip

20 minute presentation; 15 minute Discussion

16:00-16:10 Closing Remarks
16:10-18:00 Steering Committee(with Funders) (Mermoz 2)
18:00-19:00 Social Hour (Ocean Terrace)
19:00 Dinner (Tente)
7:30  Registration

Nature Genetics Training Workshop on Research Leadership

Chairs: Mboup Souleymane* (Senegal) and Raj Ramesar*(South Africa)

8:30 A Perspective on the Context of Genetic Research in H3Africa (Barry Bloom, USA)  

NIH Grant Application Technical Session  (Ocean Room)

9:00 Managing a team and building capacity (Siana Nkya Mtatiro, TZN)
9:30 Communicating effectively with decision makers (Clement Adebamowo, Nigeria/USA)
9:50 Ethical leadership in research  (Ruth Chadwick, UK)
10:10 Useful high impact publications (Myles Axton, Editor of Nature Genetics)
10: 30 Coffee break / Sudha Srinivasin General Funding opportunities

Session 1: Opening Ceremony

Chairs: Rokhaya Ndiaye (Senegal) / Ambroise Wonkam (AfSHG)

11:00 Welcome address by the President of the LOC (Rokhaya Ndiaye, Senegal)          
11:15 Opening remarks on H3Africa (Enock Matovu Co Chair of the H3Africa Steering Committee)
11:30 Opening remarks by AfSHG President (Michele Ramsay)           
11:45 Allocution of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Senegal (SE Prof Mary Teuw Niane)   
12:00 Keynote:  Charles Rotimi (NIH, USA)

Title: The African Society of Human Genetics: Looking back to shape the future

13:00 Lunch Break (Poster Session 1)

Session 2: Funding sustainable genomic research in Africa

Chairs: Charles Rotimi* (NIH, USA)/Audrey Duncanson (WT, UK)

Position Statement Panellists include:
Serigne Magueye Gueye* (Senegal),
Gavin Churchyard  Aurum Institute  (South Africa)
Thomas Kariuki AESA (Kenya)
Rizwana Mia MRC SHIP (South Africa)
Maki Kajiwara  WHO  (Geneva)
Ereck Chakauya SANBio (South Africa)


Session 3: H3Africa SNP Array: Updates and Opportunities

Chair: Adebowale Adeyemo (NIH, USA)

15:30 Zane Lombard (AWIGen, South Africa
15:50 Nicky Mulder (H3ABioNet, South Africa)
16:10 Coffee break / Emmanuel Peprah NHLBI Funding Opportunities

Session 4: Human non-human system studies Symposium: TB genomics

Chair: Scott Williams (USA) & Branwen Hennig (UK)

16:40 Invited Speaker 1: Sebastien Gagneux (Switzerland)

Title: “Evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis”


17:05 Invited Speaker 2: Scott Williams (USA)

Title: “A TB resistance locus in highly susceptible individuals”



NIH Grant Application Technical Session  (Ocean Room)

17:30 Invited Speaker 3: Bernie Jones (B4FA, UK)

Title: Special Communication- Genetics research across Africa – improving outreach and collaboration

18:00 Annual General Meeting of AfSHG
19:00 Reception cocktail