Thirteenth H3Africa Consortium Meeting

VENUE: Laico Tunis Hotel, Tunisia

Sunday 7th April 2019 (Arrival / Registration)
IFGeneRA Meeting (by invitation)H3Africa Fellows Professional Development SessionAAS/AESA Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop
Monday 8th April 2019
Grants Writing Workshop (NIH/Wellcome/AAS)
Grants Writing Workshop (Breakout sessions)Fellows Professional Development Sessions
Tuesday 9th April 2019
Principal Investigators & Fellows Presentations
Wednesday 10th April 2019
Principal Investigators & Fellows Presentations, WG Sessions
Thursday 11th April 2019
Working Group Sessions, Professional Development, Report Back and Closing
Friday 12th April 2019


Sunday 7th April 2019 Arrivals/Registration Carthage Foyer

CarthageInstitute Pasteur TunisDhyafa
IFGeneRA Meeting (by invitation)H3Africa Fellows Professional DevelopmentAAS/AESA Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Monday 8th April 2019 Registration (Carthage Foyer)

Grants Writing Workshop Venue: Carthage
08:10-08:50AAS overview presentation- Jennifer Maroa Presentation: 30min Q&A: 10min
08:50-09:30NIH overview presentation-Sudah Srinivasan Presentation: 30min Q&A: 10min
09:50-10:30Wellcome overview presentation- Audrey Duncanson Presentation: 30min Q&A: 10min
10:30-11:10Scientific Peer Review- Dan Gerendasy Presentation: 30min Q&A: 10min
11:10-11:40Alash’le Abimiku Presentation: 30min Q&A: 10min
11:50-12:30My grant writing experience – David Kateete Presentation: 30min Q&A: 10min
12:30-12:50Lunch, launch survey of possible follow-up webinar topics (Carthage Foyer)
12:50-13:30Ambroise Wonkam Presentation: 30min Q&A: 10min
Funding Agency Personnel
13:30-15:30Grants Writing (Breakout Sessions)Fellows career stage appropriate grant writingPrecision Medicine Task Force Rapporteur: Nicki Tiffin
15:30-16:00Results of a survey of possible follow-up webinar topics
16:30-18:30H3Africa PI Meeting (Dhyafa) Rapporteur: Michelle SkeltonIEC & Funder Meeting (Limes) Rapporteur: Harry Wedel & Rosalyn Wamuyu
19:00Opening of the 13th Meeting of the H3Africa Consortium Venue: Oya
Institute Pasteur: Prof Alia Benkahla
Director General Institue Pasteur: Dr. Hechmi Louzir
Ministry of Health
Secretary of State of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Tunisia Hon. Khalil Amiri
Director of AESA Dr. Thomas Kariuki
H3Africa Steering Committee Chair & Co-Chairs: Prof Nicky Mulder & Mogomotsi Matshaba

Tuesday 9th April, 2019

07:00-08:00Registration -Carthage Foyer
Chair: Charmaine Royal

Principal Investigator & Fellow’s Presentations

Ethics, Legal & Societal Issues

Venue: Carthage

08:00-08:20Project: Developing best practices of Community Engagement for Genomics and BioBanking in
Africa (CEBioGen)Title: Developing Best Practices of Community Engagement in Genomics and Biobanking in Africa CEBioGen ProjectPresenter:Anita Ghansah & Paulina Tindana Presentation: 18min Q&A: 2min
08:20-08:40Project: Genetics and genomic research in Uganda: Towards context specific ethics guidelines

Title: Genetics and genomic research in Uganda: Towards context specific ethics guidelines

Presenter:Joseph Ochieng Presentation: 18min Q&A: 2min

08:40-09:00Project: African Neurobiobank for precision Stroke Medicine

Title: African Neurobiobank for precision Stroke Medicine

Presenter:Rufus Olusola Akinyemi Presentation: 18min Q&A: 2min

09:00-09:30Project: Individual Findings in Genetic Research in Africa (IFGeneRA)

Title: Individual Findings in Genetic Research in Africa (IFGeneRA)

Presenter:Jantina de Vries Presentation: 18min Q&A: 2min

09:30-09:50Tea/Poster Session Dhyafa Foyer
Chair: Rex Chisholm

PI & Fellow’s Presentations

Infectious Disease

09:50-10:20Project: Genomic Characterzation and Surveillance of Microbial Threats in West Africa

Title: African Center of Excellence For Genomics of Infectious Diseases (ACEGID)

Presenter:Christian Happi Presentation: 18min Q&A: 2min

Title: Identification and Chartacterization of Yellow Fever Virus in VHF Suspected Samples by Genomics Deep Sequencing in Nigeria

Presenter:Fehintola Ajogbasile: 10min Q&A: 2min

10:20-10:50Project: Trypogen+: The Genetic Determinants of Two Neglected Tropical Diseases

Title: Trypogen+: The Genetic Determinants of Two Neglected Tropical Diseases

Presenter:Enock Matovu Presentation: 25min Q&A: 2min


Center for Research on the Respiratory Microbiota of African Children (ReMAC) Presenter requested not to share

Title: Center for Research on the Respiratory Microbiota of African Children (ReMAC)Presenter:Mark Nicol Presentation: 16min Q&A: 2min


Prevalence and characterzation of haemophilus influenzae in the nasopharynx of young childre, South AfricaPresenter requested not to share

Presenter:Fadheela Patel Presentation: 10min Q&A: 2min

11:20-11:50Project: SickleGenAfrica: Sickle Cell Disease Genomics Network of Africa

Title: SickleGenAfrica Community Engagement: Preliminary Outcome from Focus Group

Presenter:Kofi Anie Presentation: 25min Q&A: 2min

Lunch (El Maeda Resturant)
Chair: Melek Chaouch

Fellow’s Presentations

12:50-13:50Title: Prevalence, risk factors and genetic associations for chronic kidney disease related variables in four sub-Saharan African countries: an AWI-Gen sub-study

Presenter: Jean Tristan Brandenburg

Title: The developmentally dynamic microRNA transcriptome of Glossina pallidipes tsetse flies, vectors of sleeping sickness and animal trypanosomiasis

Presenter: Careen Naitore

Title: Sputum microbiome composition through treatment of TB patients in an endemic setting

Presenter: Monica Mbabazi

Title: Bioinformatics analysis of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit (nAchra8) protein evolution in different higher and lower organisms

Presenter: Medhat Radi

Title: Whole Exome Sequencing reveals differential frequencies in ancestral alleles in Hearing Impairment genes among patients compared controls in Cameroon

Presenter: Noluthando Manyisa

Chair: Rex Chisholm

PI & Fellow’s Presentations

14:10-14:40Project: Breast Milk Microbiota Influence on Infant Immunity and Growth (BEAMING)

Alash’le Abimiku Presentation:25min Q&A: 2min

14:40-15:10Project: African Female Breast Cancer Epidemiology (AFBRECANE) Study

Clement Adebamowo Presentation:25min Q&A: 2min


Deciphering Developmental Disorders in Africa (DDD-Africa) – Evaluating Clinical Exome Squencing in an African SettingPresenter requested not to share

Title: Genetic aetiology of developmental disorders in Africa – DDD-Africa progress

Presenter: Zane Lombard Presentation:25min Q&A: 2min


Immunoglobulin gene diversity in an African population and impact on antibody function in HIV infectionPresenter requested not to share

Presenter: Simone Richardson


Allelic variation in African immunoglobulin genes impacts on antibody function in HIV infection
Presenter requested not to share

Presenter: Simone Richardson


Transgenerational Effects of Maternal Stressors: Investigating the Role of Infant Gene ExpressionPresenter requested not to share

Presenter: Dan Stein

17:40-19:40H3Africa Steering Committee Meeting (Carthage)

Wednesday 10th April, 2019
Chair: Philip Awadalla

Venue: Carthage

08:00-08:50Dr Samantha Nicolson CRISPR Technology (Merck)
PI & Fellow’s Presentations
08:50-09:20Project: H3ABioNet: a sustainable African Bioinformatics Network for H3Africa

Title: H3ABioNet progress and updates

Presenter:Nicola Mulder Presentation: 18min Q&A: 2min

09:20-09:30Project: GA4GH

Presenter:Nicola Mulder Presentation: 8min Q&A: 2min

09:30-09:40Project: Nurturing Genomics and Bioinformatics Research Capacity in Africa (BRecA)

Title: African Center of Excellence (ACE) in Bioinformatics in Uganda

Presenter:Daudi Jjingo Presentation: 8min Q&A: 2min

09:40-09:52Title: Contribution of Germline Copy Number Variations to hereditary breast cancer in Tunisian Population

Presenter:Maroua Boujemaa

09:40-09:52Title: H3Africa Administrative Coordinating Center: Monitoring and evaluation survey review and update

Presenter:Rolanda Julius

Chair: Franine Ntoumi

Outreach & Fellow’s Presentations

11:00-11:30Title: Science Shop as a tool for participatory research. The experience of Institut Pasteur de Tunis in the context of the H2020 InSPIRES

Presenter:Hichem Ben Hassine

Title: Social and scientific engagement of young Tunisian researchers: the experience of AJC-IPT

Presenter:Maria Kabbage

11:30-11:42Title: Genomic characteristics of Invasive Streptocouccus pneumoniae serotype 1 in New Caledonia, patients in Tunisia

Presenter:Mariem Hanachi

11:45-11:54Title: Targeted Next Generation Sequencing applied for the molecular characterization of MODY patients in Tunisia

Presenter:Hamza Dalleli

11:45-11:54Title: TwinLabs initative and the UNSECO Chair Life on Land

Presenter:Prof Ferrand

12:10-12:25Title: Update to NIH Management of Genomic Summary Results Access

Presenter:Jennifer Troyer (NIH/NHGRI)

12:25-13:10Drama of DNA
Working Group Sessions
14:00-16:00Genome Analysis

Chair: Adebowale Adyemo & Zane Lombard

Rapporteurs: Megan Hoffmann & Jennifer Troyer


Chair: Alashle Abimiku

Rapporteurs: Wedel & Sudha Srinivasan

Fellows speed presentations

Rapporteurs: Barbara Sina & Laura Povlich


Chair: Dwomoa Adu

Rapporteurs: Jenniffer Maroa & Audrey Duncanson

Ethics & Community Engagement

Chair: Mary Kasule

Rapporteurs: Barbara Sina & Rosalyn Wamuyu

Environmental Health

Chair: Mark Nicol

Rapporteurs: Kim McAllister, Ken Wiley

Fellows Feedback session

Rapporteurs: Robin Mason & Laura Povlich


Thursday 11th April 2019

Working Group Day
08:00-10:00Rare Disease

Chair: Guida Landoure

Rapporteur: Jennifer Troyer & Harry Wedel

Study Coordinators

Chair: Emmanuel Nashinge

Rapporteurs: Robin Mason & Megan Hoffmann


Chair: TBA

Rapporteurs: Ken Wiley, Paul Kimmel & Pankaj Qasba

Fellows Professional Development

Rapporteurs: Laura Povlich, Barbara Sina & Marie Nierras

10:30-12:00Outreach & Commnunications

Chair: Michelle Skelton

Rapporteurs: Barbara Sina & Harry Wedel

Phenotype Harmonization

Chair: Alia Benkahla

Rapporteurs: Robin Mason & Ken Wiley


Chair: Nicki Tiffin

Rapporteurs: Megan Hoffmann & Jenifer Troyer

Fellows Professional Development

Rapporteurs: Laura Povlich, Barbara Sina & Marie Nierras

13:00-14:45Education & Coordinated Training

Chair: Oumar Samassekou

Rapporteurs: Laura Povlich & Megan Hoffman

Joint Phenotype/CVD/HIV/Rare Disease

Chair: TBA

Rapporteur: Harry Wedel & Ken Wiley

Report Back Session I

Chair: Charmaine Royal

Venue: Carthage

14:45-16:00Working GroupPresenter
Ethics & CE (20 mins)Vincent Pius/Mary Kasule
Genome AnalysisAdebowale Adeyemo
PhenotypeAlia Benkahla
CVDKen Wiley
Rare DiseaseGuida Landoure
HIV/AIDSNicki Tiffin
16:15-17:15Report Back Session II

Chair: Francine Ntoumi

Working GroupPresenter
BioRepositoryAlash’le Abimiku
Education & Coordinated WGOumar Samassekou
SustainabilityDwomoa Adu
Outreach & CommunicationsMichelle Skelton
Study CoordinatorsEmmanuel Nasinghe
Environmental HealthMark Nicol
17:15-17:25H3Africa Chip Xavier David (Illumina)
17:25-17:40Science Communication- Deborah-Fay Ndlovu (AAS/AESA)
17:40-18:00Group Discussion
18:00-18:15IEC Feedback

Friday 12th April 2019

Excursions & Departures/H3Africa Project Site Meetings

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