Eleventh H3Africa Consortium Meeting

VENUE: Serena Lake Victoria Entebbe Uganda

Wednesday, 21st March 2018
H3Africa Fellow day
Thursday, 22nd March 2018
Overview & Policy Highlights

Principal Invistigators/Working Groups/Poster Sessions

Friday, 23rd March 2018
Principal Invistigators/Working

Groups/Sustainability Session

Saturday, 24th March 2018
 Principal Invistigators/Working

Groups & Report Back

 Sunday, 25th March 2018
Excursion to Makerere University


Eleventh H3Africa Consortium Meeting Wednesday 21 March 2018 Serena Lake Victoria Kalangala Hall

6:00 Bus departs from Makerere with 47 plus participants
8:00 – 8:30 Registration
8:30-9:00 Opening & Welcome
Session 1 Understanding Strains, Lineages, and Population Histories
9:00-9:10 Begna Tulu Eticha Spoligo typing based genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Ethiopia: Asystematic review
9:10-9:20 Biniam Wondale Genetic Diversity of Clinical Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex Isolates in South Omo, southern Ethiopia
9:20-9:30 Rendani Manenzhe Shotgun Sequencingto Elucidate Pneumococal Strain Level Nasopharyngeal Colonization Patterns and Antimicrobial Resistance in A South African Birth Cohort.
9:30-9:40 Dhriti Sengupta Insights on African Demographic History UsingDeep Whole Genome Sequences
9:40-10:00 Panel Discussion
Session 2 Facets of Community Engagement in Genomics Research
10:00–10:10 Rasheed Taiwo Qualitative Study of Linguistic and Cultural Concepts o fHeritability in Nigeria
10:10 –10:20 Gerald Mboowa Role of Genomic Education in Reducing the burden of Common Genetic Diseases in Africa
10:20-10:30 Emmanuel Jonathan Stronger Together: Partnerships between Clinical Sites and Biobanks towards the Common Goal ofHigh Quality Biospecimens
10:30-10:45 Panel Discussion
10:45-11:30 Poster Session & Tea
Session 3 Informatics Tools for Omics Research
11:30-11:40 Mamadou D Coulibaly Collection of biological data on mobile devices in the epidemiological surveillance of Malaria in Koila Bamanan and Dangassa (Mali): Development of an Android application
11:40-11:50 Sara El Jadid
11:50– 12:00 Panel Discussion
Session 4 Host/Pathogen and Pathogen/Drug Interactions
12:00-12:10 Yasmine Ochi Characterization of Inter-species Protein Interactions:Use of SLiM motifs to infer interactions between Plasmodium falciparum and its hosts
12:10-12:20 Haddijiatou Mbye Increasing ex-vivo tolerance of Gambian Plasmodium falciparum isolates to Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy partner drugs
12:20-12:30 Wondimu Ashagre Awoke In vitro starvation model for Assessing Phenotypic Drug  Toleranceon MycobacteriumTuberculosis

Ashagre, Kassu Desta, Endalamaw Gadissa.

12:30-12:40 Panel Discussion
7:30 Registration (Foyer)
Principal Investigators Introductory Meeting Session I Chair: Moses Joloba
8:30-8:35 Welcome & Introductions: Professor & Dean Moses Joloba
8:35-10:00 Overview of H3Africa & Policy Highlights Presenters: Michelle Skelton, Nicola         Mulder, Alia Benkahla, Paulina Tindana, Jantina de Vries, Alice Matimba
10:00-10:15 Tea/Coffee Break Poster Sessions (Foyer & Balcony) (15 min)
10:15-11:15 H3Africa Principal Investigators

Chairs: Clement Adebamowo & Nicola Mulder (Kalangala Hall)

Data & Biospecimen Access Committee(DBAC) Chair Akin Abayomi (Boardroom2)
11:15-12:00 DBAC Joins the PI Meeting
12:00-13:00 Lunch/Poster Sessions (Foyer & Balcony)
Principal Investigators Session II Chair:Ruth Chadwick Ethics,Legal&SocietyIssues
13:00-13:15 Project: Ethical and social issues in informed consent processes in African genomic research PI: Erisa Sabakaki

Presenter: Erisa Sabakaki PI: Erisa Sabakaki Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min

13:15-13:30 Project: Indigenous Linguistic and Cultural Conceptsof Heritability and Comprehensionof Genomics Research in Africa (INDIGENE) Study

Presenter:ClementAdebamowo PI:Clement Adebamowo Presentation:13 min Q&A:2min

13:30-13:45 Project:Stigma in African genomics research on Schizophreni and Rheumatic Heart Disease

Title:Is stigma a risk in African genomics research? Findings from a project on schizophrenia and rheumatic heart disease

Presenter:Jantina de VriesPI:Jantina de Vries Presentation:13min Q&A:2min

13:45-14:00 Project/Title:Genomics Inheritance Legal and Social

Issues Presenter: Alice Matimba PI: Alice Matimba Presentation:13 minQ&A:2min

14:00-14:15 Project/Title:Community Engagement fo rH3Africa Biobanking Research:The Tygerberg Model

Presenter:MelanyHendricksPI:KeymanthriMoodley Presentation:13 minQ&A:2min

14:15-14:30 Project/Title: Individual Finding in Genetic Research in Africa(IFGeneRA) Presenter: Ambroise Wonkam PIs: Ambroise Wonka & Jantina de Vries Presentation: 13 min Q&A:2min
14:30-14:45 Tea/Coffee Break Poster Sessions (Foyer & Balcony) (15 min)

Working Group Session I

Kalangala Hall Ngamba Room Bulago Room
14:45-16:15 Community Engagement Joint Phenotype GAWP Subgroup
Chair: Paulina Tindana Chair: Neil Hanchard
Rapporteurs: Jennifer Troyer & Mark Guyer Chair: Nicola Mulder Rapporteur: Gabriel Batzli & Laura Skow
Rapporteurs: Audrey
Duncanson & Jeff
16:15-17:45 Ethics & Regulatory Issues Cardiovascular Disease
Chair: Aminu Yakubu Chairs: Akinlolu Ojo &
Rapporteurs: Ebony Madden Sally Adebamowo
& Katherine Littler Rapporteurs: Ken Wiley
& Charles Rotimi
17:45-19:00 H3Africa Sustainability Working Group Meeting

Chairs: Raj Ramesar & Dwomoa Adu

Rapporteurs: Jennifer Troyer & Jenniffer Maroa

19:00 Drinks Reception at the Marina
19:30 Dinner Lakeside at the Marina

Friday,23 March 2018 ,Serena LakeVictoria Kalangala Hall

8:00 Registration
8:30-8:35 Introductions: Professor & Dean Moses Joloba
8:35-8:40 Welcome:Principal of  the College of  Health Science University of Makerere by Associate Professor Charles Ibingira
8:40-9:00 Opening: Minister of Science and Technology the Honourable Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye
Principal Investigators Session III Chair: Rex Chisholm Bioinformatics &Training
9:00-9:15 Project: West African Sustainable Leadership and Innovation Training in Bioinformatics Research (WASLITBRE)

Presenter: Ezekiel Adebiyi PI: Ezekiel Adebiyi, Peter Amoako-Yirenky, Seydou Doumbia Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min

9:15-9:30 Project: West African Center of Excellence for Global Health Bioinformatics Research Training Presenter:   Mamadou   Wele   PI:   Seydou   Doumbia,   Jian   Li,   Jeffrey   Shaffer Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min
9:30-9:45 Project: Nurturing Genomics and Bioinformatics Research Capacity in Africa (BRecA) Presenter:David Kateete PI:David Kateete,DaudiJ Jingo,Irving Jordan,Graeme Mardon Presentation:13 minQ&A:2min
9:45-10:00 Project:Eastern Africa Network for Bioinformatics Training Presenter: Daniel Masiga PI: Daniel Masiga   Presentation:13min Q&A:2min
10:00-10:25 Project: H3ABioNet: a sustainable African Bioinformatics Network for H3Africa Title:     H3ABioNet:     informatics     network     for     H3Africa Presenter: Nicola Mulder PI: NicolaMulder

Presentation: 23 min Q&A: 2min

10:25-10:40 Title:Professional capacity building (and collaborative networking) to support local biomedical research using bioinformatics and related data-intensive sciences.

Presenter: Darrell Hurt, Chris Whalen and Mike Tartakovsky

Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min

10:40-11:00 Tea/Coffee Break Poster Sessions (Foyer & Balcony) (20 min)
Working Group Session II
Kalangala Hall Ngamba Room Boardroom 2
11:00-12:00 Education & Coordinated Training WG Chair: Samar Kassim

Rapporteurs: Laura Povlich & Maria Giovanni

Chair: Mogomotsi Matshaba Data & Biospecimen Access Committee Chair: Akin Abayomi
12:00-13:00 Lunch
Principal Investigators Session IV Chairs: Kay Davies & Cathrine Hoyo
13:00-13:15 Project: Eyes of Africa: The Genetics of Blindness

Presenter: Adeyinka Ashaye PI: Adeyinka Ashaye

Presentation: 13min Q&A: 2min

13:15-13:30 Project: Hearing Impairment Genetics Studies in Africa (HI-GENES Africa) Presenter:   Ambroise   Wonkam   PI:   Ambroise   Wonkam Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min
13:30-13:45 Project: Deciphering Developmental Disorders in Africa (DDD-Africa) – Evaluating Clinical Exome Sequencing in an African Setting

Presenter:ZaneLombardPI:ZaneLombard Presentation:13 minQ&A:2min

13:45-14:00 Project:TransgenerationalEpigenomicsofTrauma andPTSDin Rwanda PIs:LeonMutesa,MonicaUddin,Derek Wildman,StefanJansen
14:00-14:15 Project/Title:Transgenerational Effects of Maternal Stressors:Investigating the Role of Infant Gene Expression

Presenter:Nastassja Koen PIs:Dan Stein,Nastassja Koen,Kerry Ressler,Aliza Wingo Presentation:13 minQ&A:2min

14:15-14:30 Tea/Coffee Break Poster Sessions (Foyer & Balcony) (15 min)
Principal Investigators Session V Chairs: Barry Bloom & Francine Ntoumi
14:30-14:45 Project: SickleGenAfrica:Sickle Cell Disease Genomics Network of Africa PIs: Dr. Solomon Ofori-Acquah, Dr. Gordon Awandare, Dr. Julie Makani Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min
14:45-15:05 Project:Trypanogen+:GeneticDeterminantsofTwoNeglectedTropicalDiseases Presenter:Enock MatovuPI:Enock Matovu

Presentation: 18 min Q&A: 2min

15:05-15:30 Project: TB Genetics Network in Africa (TBGENAfrica) Presenter: Abraham Aseffa PI: Abraham Aseffa Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min
15:30-15:45 Project/Title: Genomic Characterization and Surveillance of Microbial Threats in West Africa Presenter: Christain Happi PI: Christain  Happi

Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min

15:45-16:00 Tea/Coffee Break Poster Sessions (Foyer & Balcony) (15 min)
Working Group Session III
Ngamba Room Bulago Room Kalangala Hall
16:00-17:00 Study Coordinator Working Group

Rapporteurs: Robin Mason & Karen Lacourciere

Genome Analysis WG Session Chairs: Adebowala Adeyemo & Zane Lombard (GPW Sub Group Update on the Publication Chair: Neil Hanchard
17:00-18:00 H3Africa IEC Meeting

Venue: Boardroom 2

H3Africa Steering Committee Meeting (with Funders)
18:00-19:00 H3AfricaSustainabilityWG,SC& IECjointsessionUpdate onCARI by ThomasKariuki

Rapporteurs: Barbara Sina & Concepcion Nierras

19:00 Drinks Reception at Coliseum Garden
19:30  Formal Dinner at Coliseum Garden (After Dinner Speaker TBC/A)
Principal Investigators Session V Chair: Ayoade Oduola
9:00-9:15 Project:Pan-AfricaMalariaGeneticEpidemiology(PAMGEN) Presenter: Alfred Amambua Ngwa PI: Alfred AmambuaNgwa Presentation: 13 min Q&A:2min
9:15-9:30 Project: Center for Research on the Respiratory Microbiota of African Children (ReMAC)

Title:ReMAC:understandingtheroleof theupperairwaymicrobiotainlung healthofAfrican children

Presenter:MarkNicol PI:MarkNicol Presentation:13 minQ&A:2min

9:30-9:50 Project: Stroke Investigative & Educational Network (SIREN) Title: Understanding stroke in Africa: Charting new paths Presenter: Mayowa Owolabi PI: Mayowa Owolabi Presentation: 18 min Q&A: 2min
9:50-10:05 Project:AfricanFemale BreastCancerEpidemiology(AFBRECANE)Study Presenter:ClementAdebamowoPI:ClementAdebamowo
10:05-10:20 Project: Breast Milk Microbiota Influence on Infant Immunity and Growth (BEAMING)

Title: BEAMINIG study: Influence of breast milk microbiota on HIV exposed uninfected infant immunity and growth

Present: Alash’le Abimiku PI: Alash’le Abimiku

Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min

10:20-10:35 Project/Title:Immunoglobulingene diversityinan Africanpopulationand impactonantibody function in HIVinfection

Presenter: Cathrine Scheepers PI: Lynn Morris Presentation: 13 min Q&A: 2min

10:35-10:55 Tea/Coffee Break (Foyer & Balcony) (20 min)
Working Group Session IV
Kalangala Hall Ngamba Room
Environmental Health

Rapporteur: Bonnie Joubert

Working Group Session IV Chair: Rex Chisholm
12:30-13:00 H3Africa Biorepositories-Joint PI Presentation

Project: Integrated Biorepository of H3Africa Uganda – IBRH3U

PI: Moses Joloba

Project: Estalishment of an H3Africa Biorepository at Clinical Laboratory Services

PI: Elizabeth Mayne

Project: IHVN H3Africa Biorepository (I-HAB) Initiative

PI: Alash’le Abimiku

Presentation: 25min Q&A: 5min

13:00-14:00 Lunch
Working Group Report Back Presenter (8 min each)
Chairs: Ayoade Oduola & Rex Chisholm
14:00-15:00 Community Engagement Paulina Tindana
Ethics & Reg Issues TBA
Study Coordinators TBA
Education & Coordinated Training Samar Kassim
Chairs: Kay Davies & Barry Bloom
15:00-16:00 Mogomotsi Matshaba
CVD Akinlolu Ojo
Biorepository Elizabeth Mayne
Alia Benkahla
Adebowale Adeyemo
16:00-16:10 Discussion & IEC Feedback
16:10-16:15 H3Africa Steering Committee Chair Closes the Meeting
19:00 – 21:00 H3Africa Fellows’ Dinner (Venue-TBA)

Sunday, 25 March 2018 Lake Victoria Serena

7:00 a.m. Meet at Hotel Entrance, Bus departs for Kampala Makerere University
9:00 a.m.  Bus Arrive Makerere: LOC hosts site vists Trypanogen/Biorepository
11:00 & 12:00 p.m. Bus departs to Entebbe Airport (TBC) & Hotel